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Putnam County Florida

A typical Afternoon thunderstorm in Florida.

A typical Afternoon thunderstorm in Florida.


  Well the Fabulous Meteor Shower never showed up, But the Milky Way Sure did. I was out from Eleven Till Four A.M. Saw one Meteor. Yes I missed it. Thats why the Milky Way Photo. Five Hours of pure Joy. Fireflies,Chuck-Wills-Widows,Katydids, And Hundreds of night sounds from Critters and Insects Singing Their songs For […]

Blessed is He....

A Bright Moon Reflected the Dew on this Pondhawk. Used a Flash @1/64 Power. Macro At Night is a Challenge. But hey, You have Chuck-Wills-Widows serenading you,and Fireflies Lighting your way, Under a Canopy of a Billion Stars in the Sky and you feel like your the Most Blessed Person in the world. And You are.

Eastern PondHawk Pondhawk Covered in a Florida Spring Night Dew.